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Malam tadi "KL Drif 2 Scene"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Giler la!!!! Smlm time otw balik dari tmpt mkn, wa terserempak dgn team production "KL Drif 2"!!! Superb!!! Tgk kete drif kat jalan biasa. Supra, RX-7 dan kete yg warna biru yg Awal slalu guna tu. Tp mmg best giler. Bau getah kuat kaw!!!! Shot kat dgn Menara Celcom... Giler la. Ape pun all the best to those KL Drif 2 Crew...

Thx Takeshi, Mark and Hank Freeman

Ahhhh!!!!. It was really a great event going last weekend. These guys really done a great job and also credits to M-yo Club. I really going to miss them... So here i add one vid of takeshi best spins tops trick. Enjoy!!!

Nikon D5000 Coming out next week with HD video?

Earlier, Nikon Rumors had reported that the D5000 would be a lot like their mid-level D90 with a 12.3-megapixel sensor, Live View and video recording—but with no built-in autofocus motor or top-level LCD like the current D60. What'd you get instead is a new kind of flash and tilt-y swivel display like you see on some super zoom cameras..


Constructions Devastators Toys is the latest Voltron of Transfomer, Cement Mixers

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You may have caught, in the Transformers 2 trailer, that the Devastator is now a composite Voltron of constructions machines-every boy's dream! Now you can play with him in the privacy of your own home. Six separate "Constructicons"-scary!-Voltron-together to form him. Each looks like they can be played with for a few minutes on their own, too. Good times. The new Devastator will run $100.


Geng! Best!!!! Betul! Betul!! Betul!!!!

Wawawawawa... Mmg best giler!!! 2 thumb up!!! Citer best kaw! Gelak je dlm wayang. Walaupun xdetail sgt character, tp story line, story mood, fantasy mmg superb! Bagus!!!! Hidup Upin & Ipin!!!!! Rajoo pun idup gak!!!!!! (sappy pun gak! Hehehehe)

USA Yoyo Master Malaysia @ One Utama @ 20th-22nd Feb 09'

Monday, February 16, 2009

Jom wei! Bukan senang nak jumpa mamat arizona+japanese niw! Yoyo master lagi gempak dari wa. Kalo ko rasa cara aku main yoyo power, dia main perghhhhhhh, mau berdarah idung korang tgk. Jom!!!!!!

D400 : 24mp with touchscreen!!!! WT*

Monday, February 9, 2009

"We know the Nikon DSLR D400 is coming, there’s no leak more credible than a guide book dropping on Amazon: we’ve seen it happen with the Canon 5D sequel before, and both the book and camera made it to the shelf. However so far there aren’t any technical details of the D400 about. A Chinese site is suggesting the upcoming Nikon would be another bold move, just how Nikon surprised us with the D700: a shrunken D3x with 24mp but a touchscreen display. Is it even possible?"


Bride Wars

Ok guys! !st of all i love Hanna so much. (that why i watch the movie) Overall not bad. Pretty nice story line. But less on fighting part. less funny part. But this movie really tells what friendship is all about. Overall this movie is good.... maybe 1 thum up!!!! Hehehhe

grafiti jam 09 Pav

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Superb! Mmg tidak kenyesalan wa gi Pav smlm. Melihat sendiri bagai mne spray monkey menyepray kertas putih. Mmg art yg tidak terhingga. Walaupun pns kaw2 bagai dipanggang ayam kenny rogers, wa tetap juga lepak dan ambik gambor ape yg patut. Hahahahah All the for all the grafiti crew, balai seni lukis negara dan Pav!!! Gi Pav skrg woi!!! ada lagi niw (bangga giler la. Pak Lah nak tgk garfiti diaorg! )

Raja Lawak Live!!

Giler la! 1st time gi tgk raja lawak live kat Astro! Perghhhh! Studio gempak sial. Mmg lampu terang giler kaw2, cam dlm stadium!! Haha. tp peserta mlm tu ada yg best ada yg kureng. Ape pun all the best!!! Jihan!!!!!!...